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PRIME serves only the finest Midwestern custom-aged beef. In our 1800 degree broiler we seal in the flavor by broiling it exactly the way you specify. We proudly serve your steak on a hot plate to help keep your steak at temperature throughout the meal. All of our steaks are finely seasoned with Kosher salt and pepper then finished lightly with butter

Cool Red Center
Warm Red Center
Pink Center
Faint Pink Center
No Pink

If you prefer your steak well done, please consider allowing us to prepare the steak medium and then slide the cut so the steak cooks evenly throughout.

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Your steak will arrive at your table sizzling. DO NOT TOUCH THE PLATE. It is very hot.

The PRIME Molten Chocolate cake is a light and tender chocolate delicacy created with the finest Valrhona chocolate. It comes to your table with a hot center and is custom made per individual order. Please order 20 minutes prior to desired service.

*Notice: Consuming raw or undercooked eggs, meat, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of food borne illness
*Notice: This menu's prices or items may change at anytime, without notice, at managements' discretion.

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Our Hours

Eat Shopper Tote Hobby Funny Magenta Sleep Tiles Activity Bag Tennis Sleep Magenta Tennis Tote Shopper Funny Activity Tiles Eat Hobby Bag Spring: Wed-Sun at 5:30
Summer: Mon-Sun at 5:30
Fall: Wed-Sun at 5:30
Winter: Mon-Sun at 5:30

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Tote Tennis Tiles Hobby Magenta Bag Sleep Eat Shopper Activity Funny qY7BgwwW1

Tote Tennis Tiles Hobby Magenta Bag Sleep Eat Shopper Activity Funny qY7BgwwW1